Breaking: What Happened to Obama’s Birthday Party?


by Sharon Rondeau

The Obamas’ house in Chicago was reported to be the location of a birthday party today

(Aug. 4, 2012) — A report from The Huffington Post from mid-July said, or gave the strong impression, that a birthday party would be held in Chicago for Obama today, his publicly-reported birthday.

The UK Telegraph reported unequivocally that “a little celebration” would be held for Obama’s birthday on August 4, 2012 in Chicago.  The article placed Obama’s name in quotes, as does Martha Trowbridge, who since November 2, 2011 has asserted that “Barack Hussein Obama II” is a synthetic identity.

However, reports of Obama’s schedule dated August 3, 2012, indicate that he will be spending today privately at Camp David.  He played golf earlier today, but nothing has been said about the event previously scheduled in Chicago for supporters.

What happened to the birthday party for which $3.00 donations were solicited scheduled for August 4?

In an article dated July 17, 2012, the day after most news reports stated that August 4 was to be the day of the birthday party, The Obama Foodarama website said, “President Obama isn’t going to waste the actual day of his 51st birthday, August 4th, mingling with donors. The newly announced birthday party fundraiser at his Chicago home will be on August 12, the campaign’s Rufus Gifford said today in an e-mail with the subject heading “SO COOL.” First Lady Michelle Obama announced the ‘Barack’s Birthday’ sweepstakes on Monday, but did not specify the date.”  The email from the campaign staffer indicates that “On August 12th, just three weeks before the Democratic National Convention and 12 weeks before Election Day, President Obama will have a few friends over to mark his 51st birthday — in the backyard of his Chicago home.”

The Foodarama sites indicates now that “birthday fundraisers” (plural) will be held on August 12.

A link on Obama’s campaign website says “Donate Now.”

On July 23, 2012, it was reported that a sweepstakes offered entrants a chance to attend “an event with the President in celebration of his 51st birthday,” although no specific date was mentioned.  The UK Telegraph report was dated July 26 and maintained that the party was scheduled for August 4.

The New York Times reported on August 3 that a birthday fundraiser will be held on August 12 “with a bunch of strangers.”  The final paragraph of the article states, “Also — and the campaign does not play up this bit of fine print — charging money to enter contests is illegal. So the legions of contestants who reached into their own pockets may not know it, but they could have entered free.”

Does that mean that another crime been committed?  What happened to the $3.00 entrance fees for the August 4 event?

A quotation of Obama reported on the Foodarama website does not agree with the text of Obama’s remarks in Winter Haven, FL reported by the White House.

Has the Associated Press missed something?


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